The Iconic Louis Vuitton Manhattan Handbag


New 2 You consignment store gets a variety of items daily, from casual brands to luxury designer brands. The iconic Louis Vuitton Manhattan brand just hit the shelf and we are raving about it! The Louis Vuitton Manhattan Handbag is a blend of a classic and contemporary bag. Designed by Marc Jacobs in 2005 resembling the iconic Marc Jacobs bag, the Manhattan was crafted with the classic Louis Vuitton monogram print in coated canvas. The Manhattan has Vachetta leather handles and trim with two front flap pockets and gold hardware. It was available in two sizes, the PM and the larger GM size. This Louis Vuitton bag became so popular that it was relaunched  in 2017. The new Manhattan has been transformed into a more casual and modern style. The updated Manhattan bag retails over $2400. Snag the original Manhattan at New 2 You Consignment for only $1080. 

Louis Vuitton Manhattan handbag

Louis Vuitton consignment designer handbag


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